Thursday, January 17th

Opening Luncheon


Bluegrass Ballroom 2

The Future of Transportation: Connecting the Dots

Friday, January 18th | 10:00 am

Breakout | Workshop

How to Communicate Technical Topics to Non-Technical Audiences

Thoroughbred 6 & 7 

Shelley Row, P.E. 

Leadership & Decision-Making Expert

Professional Engineer, Certified Speaking Professional™

and Recovering Over-Thinker

Named by Inc. as one of the top 100 leadership speakers, Shelley Row, P.E., is an engineer and former government and association executive. Shelley’s leadership work focuses on developing insightful leaders who know that data alone is not enough. Her work grows your bottom-line through enhanced decision-making, motivation and teaming. Shelley Row’s oneof-a-kind programs and original research show you how to balance cognition and intuition in a skilled internal calculus.

Shelley is a high-energy, engaging speaker and consultant working with top managers and leaders who want to stop over-thinking, reduce workplace drama and grow the bottom line. She interviewed more than three dozen executives from the public, private, academic and political sectors on the role of intuition in leadership. Interview results combined with neuroscience demonstrate the essential role information and intuition play in decision-making. Her latest book is, Think Less. Live More. Lessons from a Recovering Over-Thinker.

Shelley’s story is about having courage to trust your infotuition. That trust transformed her from a woman engineer to a woman executive, from over-thinker to decision-maker, and from having a dream to living her dream. In 2010, Shelley and her husband left their careers and moved to a Provençal village for ten months and traveled around the world to return home to Annapolis, Maryland. Shelley published three books written about life and travel abroad.

Shelley founded Shelley Row Associates LLC following a distinguished 30-year transportation career. Her career as a transportation engineer started in 1984 when women engineers were few. She worked as a transportation engineer in Texas, California, Arizona, North Carolina and Georgia during the 1996 Olympic Games. She finished her career in the Senior Executive Service with the U.S. Department of Transportation where she ran a research program on connected and automated cars. She is an award-winning leader with top honors in her agency. Shelley is widely-known within the transportation community for her leadership, vision and organizational skills.

Shelley is a sought-after speaker with hundreds of presentations to her credit including for national and international groups from 20 to 1000. She appeared on live TV and radio. She has published articles in Forbes, Fast Company, HuffPost Business, SmartBlog on Leadership, RealtBlog on Leadership, Realizing Leadership Magazine, CEO Magazine, ITE Journal, Thinking Highways and more. She is an ACC certified coach with the International Coach Federation and a certified trainer for Business DNA Behavior self -assessment tools, and completed training with the NeuroLeadership Institute. She is the incoming president of the National Speakers Association Washington, DC chapter. She holds an engineering degree, an architecture degree and an MBA. You can follow her work through Twitter (@shelleyrow) or by signing up for her newsletter on her website (


Shelley holds Bachelor degrees in Civil Engineering and Architecture from Texas Tech University and an MBA from Virginia Tech. She is a registered professional engineer. Shelley Row Associates LLC is a 100% womanowned business with MBE certifications.